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There’s no denying that hardwood floors can provide a classic, elegant appeal to any home. Hardwood is versatile enough to complement nearly any interior design. It can also add warmth and charm to the space.

If you’re ready to transform your property with gorgeous hardwood floors, you’ll need the expertise of a professional hardwood flooring contractor. As a respected Westport, Massachusetts, flooring company, hardwood installation is a specialty at Purple Ribbon Flooring. Our flooring installation experts have years of experience transforming properties throughout the area. 

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Why Choose Purple Ribbon Flooring?

Our founder, Erik Krowel, leads a team of knowledgeable hardwood flooring specialists who commit themselves to completing installations correctly the first time. Erik has over 25 years of experience as a master carpenter and flooring contractor. His skills and expertise enable his team to deliver amazing hardwood flooring installations with long-lasting results.

As a prominent hardwood flooring contractor, Purple Ribbon Flooring offers various flooring installation services. Our professionals do everything from glue-down hardwood designs to hardwood nail-down services.

Since we take a customer-centric approach to our services, we always go above and beyond to make our clients happy. Unlike many other Westport flooring installers, Purple Ribbon Flooring is available seven days a week during the day and evening. Whether you’re a prospective customer with questions about hardwood flooring or a customer in the midst of an installation, you can be certain our team will be available to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Professional and affordable services are our top priorities. Erik is a licensed contractor who doesn’t believe in cutting corners or ignoring local regulations to cut prices. Instead, we deliver prompt hardwood flooring installation services with high-quality materials, a price match guarantee, and a one-year unconditional labor warranty.

Quality Wood Floor Installation Services

We can help with the following.

Nail Down Wood Floor Installation

Nail-down services are one of the most cost-effective ways to install hardwood flooring. The service is quick and relatively straightforward. 

If you have a wood subfloor, our installers can nail down hardwood planks individually. The planks will have a snug fit, and the floors will feel good and sturdy under your feet.

You can also enjoy these floors for many years. Individual planks with scratches or dents are simple to replace without replacing all of the flooring.

Floating Hardwood Floor Installation

Many homeowners like the visual appeal and easy installation of a floating hardwood floor. Floating floors use planks that snap together over the subfloor.

Since this wood floor installation method doesn’t require nails or staples, installing a floating hardwood floor is fast and budget-friendly. It’s a great option for homeowners who want to cover old hardwood floors with a lovely set of durable planks until they’re ready to repair or replace them permanently.

Glue Down Hardwood Floor Installation

With glue-down hardwood floors, our flooring experts will use special adhesives to bind wood flooring strips or planks to the subfloor. This installation offers many benefits, including noise reduction. Affixing the wood planks to a sturdy foundation makes it harder for the material to vibrate and transmit sound when people walk over it. 

Glue-down hardwood also lets you explore different patterns. We can lay down the strips or planks in diverse designs or use different timber sizes, colors, and species since they won’t have edges that snap together. This is a perfect solution for rooms with odd angles and corners.

Hardwood Design

At Purple Ribbon Flooring, we offer hardwood designs as part of our services. Though wood floors can look charming and sophisticated, you may want to tap into your creativity and design a unique flooring style. We can help with that. 

Our hardwood design services make rooms visually interesting. The design can complement other parts of your interior design to make it feel more spacious or intimate. It can also increase your home’s value since homebuyers appreciate properties with unique custom features. 

Hardwood Flooring Installations You Can Rely On

Our Purple Ribbon Flooring crew strives to make hardwood flooring installations seamless and stress-free for every customer. We begin by developing your flooring plan.

During our initial consultation, we’ll go over your preferences, concerns, high-traffic areas, and other factors. We’ll use our expertise and your information to recommend different types of hardwood types, colors, and installation methods to ensure we align our service with your vision. 

Once you agree with the flooring plan, our team will give you detailed instructions on how to prepare your room for the new floors. You may need to move furniture or secure loose belongings. 

After acclimating the planks to your home’s environment to account for wood expansion or contraction, we’ll expertly install them. Our team will also apply stunning stains and topcoats to enhance the wood’s beauty and durability before conducting a final walkthrough to ensure your satisfaction. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Shouldn’t You Install Hardwood Floors?

You shouldn’t install hardwood floors anywhere water or humidity is always present. For instance, this type of flooring in a bathroom can develop warping due to humidity from hot showers and water constantly splashing on the ground.

What Type of Hardwood Flooring Is Best?

The best type of hardwood flooring depends on your preferences. However, oak is the most popular among homeowners because it offers a great color range, good durability, and affordable costs.

Can You Install Hardwood Flooring Yourself as a DIY Project?

Technically, you could install hardwood floors as a DIY project, but the results may not be what you expect. It’s better to hire an experienced hardwood flooring contractor with the quality materials, tools, and expertise to perfectly install your new floors without mistakes or mishaps. 

Do Hardwood Floors Need an Underlayment?

Hardwood floors don’t always need an underlayment between the panels and the subfloor, but it’s helpful. Underlayment can provide added support, durability, and stability to your floors.

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